Nowadays «ORIMI UKRAINE» is one of the largest Ukrainian tea and natural coffee producers. The company annually produces more than 6000 tons of tea, what means 62 commodity items of leaf tea and 160 commodity items of packaged tea. The assortment of coffee is presented with 50 commodity items, which comprises more than 3000 tons of coffee per year. At the place of production the packing of leaf and packaged tea for one-time brewing is being carried out, as well as the full cycle of natural coffee production and freeze dried coffee packing.

How do we create special tea

In our production of tea we use raw materials from plantations of Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. One of the most important stages in tea production is a complicated and multi-stage raw material purification system, which allows our consumers to enjoy an exceptionally fine tea. Depending on the technology of leaf tea processing, the company produces black and green varieties of tea. Black tea and its colour appear as a result of raw material’s passing all the processing stages: leaf withering, leaf rolling, fermentation, leaf-drying and grading. The key task in green tea production is to exclude the development of oxidative processes in the first stage of production in order to obtain green tea with special flavor and aroma.

Green tea, unlike black is produced without fermentation.

The majority of technological operations are automated at the factory. The packing of leaf tea is carried out by automatic machines «ILAPAK» into metalized and transparent polypropylene film. The wrapping and packaging of tea bags is produced in one and two-chamber bags with thread and without and is carried out on the Italian equipment "the IMA C23" and "T2 Prima». The productivity of «smart machines» «IMA С23» - is 220 teabags in a minute, «Т2 Prima» – 250 teabags in a minute. To fully protect the tea from external environment and to preserve the aroma and taste of the product, the package with tea is wrapped into the film on the Italian machine «BFB». Due to modern high-tech equipment, we can quickly respond to changes in demand and taste preferences of the consumer, at the same time broadening the range of our products.

Modern proper coffee production

Since 2016 the company launches proper coffee of “Jardin” and “Jockey” trademarks, which differ in their combination of coffee beans (blend) and conditions of roasting. For fresh coffee production the company uses Italian equipment "Brambati S.P.A.", "ICA RS 20 Vacuumpack" and "ICA CSV 40 NTS".

The latest high-tech equipment allows to quickly pass a full cycle of preparation, from coffee beans roasting to the finished product packaging. In addition, the technology allows you to minimize contact with external environment, to maintain the quality together with the fullness of taste and flavor of the finished coffee. Production of natural coffee is a fairly complex and scrupulous procedure, since it is necessary not only to unleash the full potential of coffee beans, but also to create an excellent flavor. Coffee production technology consists of roasting beans, blending - that is, drawing a mixture of several varieties to produce the desired flavor, grinding - for milled grain, prepackaging and packing. We very much strive to give every consumer the possibility to choose the kind of tea and coffee, which mostly suits his taste and individual preferences.